Player List Name Stiffs Points 
1.Dolby, Clancy, GiapDeath Becomes Her423
2.Dolby, Clancy, GiapDead Connection422
3.Dolby, Clancy, GiapDead & Breakfast420
4.Dolby, Clancy, GiapDead End322
5.Dolby, Clancy, GiapDarkness Falls317
6.Dolby, Clancy, GiapDead Funny316
7.Dolby, Clancy, GiapDead Silence315
8.Dolby, Clancy, GiapDark Ride314
9.Dolby, Clancy, GiapDead In The Water213
10.Dolby, Clancy, GiapDeath Tunnel212

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This list is managed by Dolby, Clancy, Giap and is for games in The 2011 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool

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Guess the Stiff!

Only in America. Under the name "Eartha Quake," this 800-pound former exotic dancer gained national fame when good samaritan Jerry Springer used his obesity as a cause celebre. They had to knock over a wall to get Eartha out of his house and into a hospital. What a touching story. Of course, this was all before he pled no contest to charges that he let three young boys watch porno movies at his place. We're not making this stuff up, folks.

(d) October 2nd, 1998