Bob Dole has been played on 2086 lists, including 149 lists in The 2017 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Death March 31BCeltics531
4.And then the boomers diedAndy422
5.Reap 'Em and Weep #3USER00557421
6.Jim's previous years leftoversBunn's Bones To Be420
7.Bairly AliveBairlyAlive419
8.Rat Bastards 3USER02215419
9.It'd be cool if Jerry Lewis died. That guy's a DICKTwilight is Near416
10.Hospice Phone Home #2BodyFarmBound316
11.Look, I'm Not Asking a Lot Herehumanmeal316
13.Dr. of Death 2the doctor of death314
15.Eau De FormaldehydeCheckingOut312
16.Swims with FishesFootwedge312
17.Good Ol' BoysYoungFreund38
18.TenderPaw TerrorTenderPaw Terror38
19.Sic Transit 3 Trying Hardersictransit218
20.You are dead to memonoglot218
21.Your outdisplayname007218
22.IAGO 3IAGO217
23.Name That Smellosmoses216
24.Ten Funerals 3Jerrytopdown216
25.IAGO 1IAGO215
26.Looking Kinda DeadSheik's List215
27.dead afClever Team Name214
28.Soul HuntersHunterbeer214
29.Doc & DJ--We Liked Hugh Hefner Before He Was CoolDoc & DJ213
30.Double BilliesJustin9700213
31.Style PointsAndyPants213
32.Beast mode KobbemenMaryjo80212
33.Centenarians(And almost Centenarians)thedeadmanshand212
34.Death Becomes YouThe Force is Deathening212
35.Don't Make An Ash Of YourselfUncle Stiffy212
36.Hospice Phone Home #1BodyFarmBound212
37.Otis' Cirrhosis from Rafe Hollister's StillKudsKroakers212
39.Blake's Bones: Old TimersMr. Blake211
40.Digger O Dell 3Digger O Dell 10211
41.Who's left after 2016?chick813211
42.Live Free or DieRobin210
43.Cemetery Girls 1Cemetery Girls29
44.Going, going, GONE 2Reaper Crew29
46.deadpool1im not dead yet28
47.goddammit 2goddammit28
48.At room temperature....In the Box Looking Up27
49.JoeG12017Joe G25
50.From the Depths of the Chesapeake Vol. 1BillFromDaShore24
51.Politics! Let's Make a Deal!thedeadmanshand23
52.Bag of BloodwormsPaul1681110
53.Cyn The Daisy Digger1TeamTrautz1110
54.Feasting Maggots 1The Wrecked CrewFeasting Maggots110
55.Ig Man's dead guysThe Ig110
56.Another One Bites the Dustpoikiloblastic19
57.Betsy's mostly republican listBetsy19
58.Buying the farm and checking the turnipsMarkMx19
59.Everyone Dies in the End of 2017Michenley19
60.Rastalls - all the 90'sRastalls19
61.Rusty HooksPaul168119
62.Thanks for the memories. Now die.Big Guy19
63.Click here to apply for the prison bitch positionzombie lover18
64.Hermie BoolieHerm Boolie18
66.NOW DEPARTING GATE 2017Nick ‘n Beth18
67.Caymam Wentcayman went17
68.Erika Anne Ate Bad SushiBuffiedee17
69.Is there a game in 2018?Don Keeballs17
70.Move Aside Greatest Generation!Embalmination817
71.The Flesh Failures 2shroom17
72.Whatupwithdat #2Wahmmer #117
73.Dead People Kinda MatterDead Man Rising16
75.Killer Advocate 2016-17laptoplg16
76.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail16
77.Well nobody died did they? 2Archangel16
78.You Look Terrible. I Want You To EatFrankie Pentangeli16
80.2016 Part 2Evil Lemons15
81.2017: The Revenge of 2016Two Worlds15
82.Go go goEmbalmination815
83.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail15
84.John D Smiley 2017 1st Listjohndsmiley15
85.La Muerte Basta YaLaMuerte15
86.Say Hi to Elvis 2 - 2017Spudboy15
88.The DL runners upJohnHinesJr15
89.Death Rattle Dem Bonesanarchess14
90.Politics are a BitchDr. Who14
91.Resident Chump 3Hugh G. Wrekshun14
92.Betsy's list is to die for...Betsy13
93.Gold Medallist in the Underground LugeMcPutt13
94.gotta go 02TenPaces13
95.Linnie's LosersLinnie's Losers13
96.pisco 13theappointment13
97.Sine Die: Stars and PolsSine Die13
98.Slayer's Winning ListSlayerOfBags13
99.2017 OfferingsDana Geister12
100.60 Feet UnderDead and Loving It12
101.Going To Montana SoonDiamondToothGertie12
102.Hospice Phone Home #3BodyFarmBound12
103.Mortician's PoliticiansJanisdoll12
104.The Dead Shall PassIndyHawk12
105.Dying Like Hot CakesFootwedge11
106.joined the choir invisiblesplittertogo11
107.Old White Guys Who Are Gonna Kick The Bucketrazorben11
108.2017 Death Becomes HerRedrufus4u00
109.Another dumpster fire yearmirandate00
110.Betsy's bodies.. to be died later but still this yearBetsy00
111.Billy Bob 01TenPaces00
112.Billy Bob 02TenPaces00
113.Billy Bob 03TenPaces00
114.Carol's Ghoul Pool 2017CarolieIvy00
115.Caymam lived loved laughedcayman went00
116.Cayman Gonecayman went00
117.Cheswick44 Lucky Stiffs1Cheswick00
118.Cheswick44 Top Ten Stiffs 2Cheswick00
119.Cheswick44 Top Ten Stiffs 3Cheswick00
120.Dirty Sancheztimmyo7300
121.Dissonant Musingcemeterygates00
123.DRT (dead right there)Toe-Tag00
124.Dusting and Punchingmohrt00
125.El Bobbo List 1el bobbo00
126.Ginger Lurch's Smelt ShackPaul168100
127.God is dead, long live the queenAdorn Ale00
128.Goin' down in 2017TenderPaw Terror00
129.Hey, look over theredisplayname00700
130.Hi! I'm a boy called Mildredzombie lover00
131.I'm sorry, I hope none of you really dieAndyPants00
132.Just Die Itashifman00
133.Let's Get Putrefied!Altois00
134.Make the World a Better Placenbsmom00
135.Master DebatersStromThurmond6900
136.Michael Jackson Lives in CroatiaMJ Lives00
137.NJM Presidential BaggerNJMCW00
138.Of Corpse You`re Dead #5Shoeguy00
139.Of Corpse You`re Dead #6Shoeguy00
140.Pushin up daiseysHeart Stopper00
141.Rachel's Creepy Crawlys 1Rachel A00
142.See you in Girl Hell. I'll be in Boy Hell - much nicer.PIxiaq00
143.slippery when dead IIcorq00
144.Team Formalin II Who'll Be the Next in Line?anarchess00
145.The quarterback is toast!Justin970000
146.Well, it had to happen sometimethedeadmanshand00
147.White Men Finish FirstBeverlyNowhere00
148.Who will 2017 2016?labgrrl00
149.You be done 3Dirtdiggindogs00


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