Carol Elaine Channing has been played on 1129 lists, including 166 lists in The 2017 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Cemetery Girls 2Cemetery Girls528
3.Stiffpicker 3Stiffpicker424
4.Blake's Bones: LadiesMr. Blake419
5.Rat Bastards 3USER02215419
6.Tomb RatersTomB rater 666326
7.Lights Out in the Boston Hills 1Joker323
8.PB: Guaranteed to live til 2018pbear323
9.Wapner's OnDr. Who323
10.MATTOID - All my good ones are dead...The Mattoid321
11.MrJeff2000's Locker of the Doomedmrjeff2000321
13.They Gone 1fouriikc319
14.Collaborative ListScornForSega318
15.Shazam IIKudsKroakers318
16.Death By Pinochle 1oregontrail317
17.Game of Bones 2017TiderInsider317
18.Kiss My Dead AssDead Person Specialist, E317
19.Vesty's ListVestament317
21.Birdman - Doc and DJ 7 day 3 Bagger miracle memorialBird314
22.Croakers #1More Beer314
23.Dr. of Death 2the doctor of death314
25.Jeff S 3jws7968313
26.Linda D. Smileyjohndsmiley313
27.That WAS Entertainment 2017 CFilmslave313
28.WAH - DVH (2017)USER02593312
29.DucksPanama Luke310
30.Drop DeadDrop Dead219
31.Climb the Golden StaircaseBuck218
33.Mortician's CelebritiesJanis Stoker218
34.Sic Transit 3 Trying Hardersictransit218
35.Your outdisplayname007218
36.Dear Mr. Henshaw: I'M DEAD!Bea Hind217
37.Habitat for Necromancygidget217
38.IAGO 3IAGO217
39.IAGO 1IAGO215
40.killer advocate iilaptoplg215
41.Reap 'Em and Weep #2USER00557215
42.Too Old To Diedannykel215
43.........And It's Deep TooBison214
45.IAGO 2IAGO214
46.Potential bucket-kickerszenomax214
48.DJ Badger - This One's for You, Mom!DJ Badger213
49.Do you smell that?Altois213
50.The Final StretchEmbalmination8213
51.90 Is The New DeadDr Drunk212
52.Goodbye, Dolly!CDPNYC212
53.That WAS Entertainment 2017 AFilmslave212
54.Dancing to the end of Lovemissmartha211
55.Dead Know It SocietyDead and Loving It211
56.Little dead riding hoodmikegldn211
57.Salt N Pepa's Older Farts Club Bandpasquinade211
58.You be done.Dirtdiggindogs211
59.Bring out yer deadMr Happy210
60.Go toward the lightNVRGVUP210
61.Live Free or DieRobin210
62.The Long Dirt Nap....AdamTheO210
64.Death March1BCeltics29
65.Going, going, GONE 2Reaper Crew29
66.Highway to HellBig Guy29
67.I Don't Hear Enough RIPpingrazorben29
68.Knocking on Heaven's DoorBemented29
69.RIP Zsa ZsaMaryjo8029
70.Barry D LiveUncle Stiffy28
71.Destroyers 1Destroyers28
72.Jan's Dance of DeathDeathwish Drang28
74.Just a HunchBunn's Bones To Be27
75.They're dead, Jim.Mr Bungle27
76.Y'all gonna dieFatJackal27
77.Philly's Dead FishPhillys Fish26
78.Worms, Worms Everywherealohabeerguy25
80.Drop Dead Gorgeousnroger919110
81.Gracie on the runDigger O Dell 10110
82.Resident Chump 1Hugh G. Wrekshun110
83.The White DeathPozzo110
84.End of the Liners 2017Tombstone Jen19
85.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost19
86.National Pasquinade Dot Compasquinade19
87.Ghoul Girl IIIGhoul Girl18
88.Gone Finally, Are you?Tom in VA18
89.Memorial Park Ranger 1memorialparkranger18
90.SoLongFarewellAufwiedersehnGoodnightThe Shadow18
91.90 year old vipsDisplay Name17
92.Erika Anne Ate Bad SushiBuffiedee17
93.Good Bye Dolly...Bea Hind17
94.Red White and Dead 2017sokrazed117
95.The Dead-End Kidzzzz 1Back to the Dead Life17
96.Croakers #4More Beer16
98.have a cigarjohnny 716
100.JoeG22017Joe G16
101.Killer Advocate 2016-17laptoplg16
102.Northern Reaper 2017 Fucked List #4northern reaper16
103.The Abusement ParkJordanEOD16
104.Time's UpHey, did you have. . . .16
105.WAH#2 - 2017USER0259316
106.Well nobody died did they? 2ArchAngel16
107.Winning 3Woz16
108.2016 Part 2Evil Lemons15
109.Day-O!!Adorn Ale15
110.La Muerte Basta YaLaMuerte15
111.Say Hi to Elvis 2 - 2017Spudboy15
112.Throwing dartsDave15
113.Tic Tag Toeroderner15
114.Dead Money 101lsandelin14
115.Death Rattle Dem Bonesanarchess14
116.Lady's First (Watch Your Step By That Hole)Dick Rotten14
117.On their way outmissmartha14
118.Team Formalin Face Downanarchess14
119.THE WORM BUFFETBeth Rhymes with Death14
120.Whatupwithdat #1Wahmmer #114
121.Betsy's list is to die for...Betsy13
122.DNC Voter RollsTennessee Jed13
123.Furl up and dieDelayloop13
124.Sine Die: Stars and PolsSine Die13
125.Slayer's Winning ListSlayerOfBags13
126.Tick TockHey, did you have. . . .13
127.2017 OfferingsDana Geister12
128.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl12
129.Not if but whenFroggyB12
130.One more time with feeling.Crys12
131.The Dead Shall PassIndyHawk12
132.2017 stiff list #2kissfan10011
133.80's Friends Who Have Been Here too LongRastafarian Mormon11
134.death becomes ussoul201411
135.Death Pool Gambler 17-8Death pool gambler11
136.Herman Wouk. Your time has come.Dave11
137.Will Chillequestzim711
138.100 reasons to dieThe Force is Deathening00
139.2016 Leftovers 3USER0056200
140.Alternate HopeSatiricalAlexandria00
141.Are They Still Alive 3?SBUMP200
142.BingBang's Walla-Walla Ding DangCharlie BingBang Jr00
143.Cheswick44 Lucky Stiffs1Cheswick00
144.Cheswick44 Top Ten Stiffs 2Cheswick00
145.Cheswick44 Top Ten Stiffs 3Cheswick00
146.Croakers #3More Beer00
147.Dem Bones Dem Bonesmommyster00
148.Die you old fucks!!!Lobo00
149.Dirty Sancheztimmyo7300
150.Even More GonersMeanMom7400
151.Get the shovelsNVRGVUP00
152.Gonna Get BONKED #1BONKED00
153.I'm sorry, I hope none of you really dieAndyPants00
154.Lots of GuessesVeryLovelyCat00
155.morgue than readywildrush00
156.Not Looking GoodBengals31100
157.Of Corpse You`re Dead #5Shoeguy00
159.Pushin up daiseysHeart Stopper00
160.R Lee 2017azabachenegro00
163.TenderPaw Terror2TenderPaw Terror00
164.The Flesh Failures 3shroom00
165.the russian grim reaper is heregrim jim 6900


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He whupped Graziano twice, but he couldn't outlast those weasels Parkinson and Alzheimer.

(d) March 20th, 1997