Dennis Hopper has been played on 333 lists, including 75 lists in The 2010 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Birdman - Why Else Would You Sell the Mansion?Bird638
2.DePressED3 - Chana Leibowitz Never LiesDePressED631
3.Afraid of the Dark #3Minnesota Neil539
4.Birdman-good luck with that experimental treatment!Bird535
5.Birdman-Til Death Do You PartBird535
6.Birdman - Big Effing DioBird534
7.Birdman - Just One More Sheet! I Swear!Bird534
8.Birdman - Working On The Angel ReunionBird534
9.And Then There Were NoneDePressED532
10.Yes I know I'm going to Hell in a Purple BasketDePressED531
11.Birdman - Some Coach Will DieBird433
12.DePressED2 - Go Into The LightDePressED432
13.Hurry Up and Die Already, Part VIIIhurryupndiealready432
14.EMFC This Byrd Has FlownEMFCoffin431
15.DePressED6 - That Ball Is Loooooong GoneDePressED429
16.DePressED12 - Finally DoneDePressED428
17.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED427
18.News Is Blue, The News Is BlueDePressED427
19.Justin Hale 05USER01531426
20.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 4EdRulz425
21.DePressED1 - And You're STILL Hangin' AroundDePressED425
22.DePressED9 - Your Bouquet Is HereDePressED425
23.And the Ones who deserved it, they'll never understand itDePressED424
24.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 2EdRulz424
25.DePressED10 - I Didn't Come To Work, I Came To PlayDePressED424
26.Frankie 2DePressED423
27.Xtreme DeadpoolingDePressED423
28.DePressED5 - Schlemiel, SchlemazelDePressED422
29.There Is No LeadDePressED422
30.DePressED4 - They Think We're Gonna Cut Their Throats Or Somethin'DePressED420
31.Doc & DJ--In Memory of Ellie FredricksenDoc & DJ327
32.EMFC We Won the World Series and All I Got Was a CoffinEMFCoffin327
33.Death Soup: Will Get Fooled Again!MJ and Friends324
34.Frankie 1DePressED323
35.BigBuckenChicken1Last Stop322
36.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 3EdRulz321
37.pauly shore just simply will not dieUSER02524321
39.Do You Like Phil Collins?alan smithee320
40.EMFC Hopper Comes a CropperEMFCoffin320
41.DePressED11 - Bill Shamblin, Newport Independent SchoolsDePressED319
42.DePressED8 - Forbidden PlanetDePressED318
43.Rock N' Roll Me When I'm DeadTrav317
44.yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye317
45.Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots316
46.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost316
47.yeah yeah buh byeyeah yeah buh bye316
48.yeah yeah buh bye 5yeah yeah buh bye316
49.yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye313
50.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleumEdRulz219
51.The Devils Favorites #1kiss my grits218
52.yeah yeah buh bye 6yeah yeah buh bye217
53.NVN: does this smell funny to you ?No Viagra Needed216
54.EMFC Spartacus Loses His ShortsEMFCoffin214
55.Feral Fodder #1BMT330214
57.Will Chill 3equestzim7213
59.He say he go to buy sockslindbergh210
60.You Got Al Megrahi In My ChocolateE-Brake29
61.Hurry Up and Die Already, Part IVhurryupndiealready25
62.Lizzy 2010 #2Lizzy110
63.NVN: and the worms ate into his brainNo Viagra Needed110
65.yeah yeah buh bye 4yeah yeah buh bye110
66.Suit 2 - YCB's Shot in the DarkPezintree19
67.BigBuckenChicken2Last Stop16
69.Grim ProfiteerNice Sicko15
70.Roger GowiththrottleupRoger Gowiththrottleup15
71.Bagged and Taggedecho081612
72.!!! ALBRECHT SAYS DIEAlbrecht00
73.Dina's Dead Poolcybermaven00
74.JCudds 1JCudds00
75.Ooh, He Sculled That OneUSER0075000


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