Eunice Kennedy Shriver has been played on 1020 lists, including 158 lists in The 2009 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye534
2.Guess Who Died? 3ZUSER01484433
3.DePressED07 - Down Cemetery Road For RealDePressED431
4.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed431
5.Where the HekawiFTG429
6.Don't Be Like Ellie Nesler NowRD02428
7.Nineteen Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past425
8.DIE you fucking WEASELS!USER02599424
9.Forrest Tucker's Ghost Face KillaFTG422
10.Jeff Bird #11Bird422
11.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Quiet Gun FTG419
12.Cartman- Roger's Third EarUSER01013327
13.E-Brake2: Winner WInner Chicken DinnerE-Brake327
14.RADTEX: Tumor Makes a Does-InRadtex324
17.DIE you fucking RODENTS!!USER02599322
18.Good Luck -- We're All Counting on Diealan smithee322
19.Yes, Have Some ... Deathalan smithee322
20.Dr. Steve 3Dr. Steve321
21.BringoutyerdeadMr Happy320
22.Jeff Bird #2Bird320
23.Jeff Bird #3Bird320
24.Jeff Bird #5Bird320
25.Jeff Bird #8Bird320
26.Die 4 Me Willya 2009-1Chickeyd318
27.Jeff Bird #12Bird318
28.Dead KennedysReaperMadness315
29.Destroyers 2USER00977315
30.Destroyers 4USER00977314
31.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(c)EdRulz38
32.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(a)EdRulz37
34.Doktor RobertUSER01896219
35.Jeff Bird #1Bird219
36.Jeff Bird #4Bird219
37.Jeff Bird #6Bird219
38.Jeff Bird #7Bird219
39.Jeff Bird #9Bird219
40.NVN: sorry lady your kids uglyNo Viagra Needed219
41.NVN: The girl likes gooNo Viagra Needed219
42.PB: This is their yearpbear219
43.A Jolly Dead FellowFluvenson218
44.Death- I Sell BoozeJayRockers!218
45.Flatliners 1The Shadow218
46.6 FEET UNDER02495217
47.DGD - Someday, they WILL hang that SOB DGD217
48.DGD - Spiro Agnew Must Die! Oh, wait? DGD217
49.Hurry up and die already part Vhurryupndiealready217
50.An Apple a day? Yeah. Right.Starwanderer216
51.(Don't Fear) The ReaperUSER01832215
52.DIE you fucking RATS!!!USER02599215
53.In the Deep StuffUSER00750215
54.My Other Ten FuneralsJerrytopdown215
55.The Chick Magnet 02USER01531215
56.Amen CornerUSER00750214
57.Death DefyingUSER02602214
58.Death Soup: Stand It's M'LiverMJ and Friends214
59.DGD - Swingin' From The Gallows Pole DGD214
60.all gomers die of somethinglindbergh213
61.Destroyers 1USER00977213
62.The Chick Magnet 03USER01531213
63.Trout's Dead FishTrout213
64.Cemetery Girls 3Cemetery Girls212
65.Ghouls on Filmevilredhead212
66.Terminal VelocityReaperMadness212
67.This is how rumors get started 2009USER02248212
68.Rachel's List 3Rachel A211
69.The Chick Magnet 01USER01531211
70.Wun Hung Lo 03USER01531211
71.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(e)EdRulz210
72.Wun Hung Lo 10USER01531210
73.Tsuga - Get Me a Dorito and Bring it in LowTsuga28
74.Canaries in a Coal MineRoger Gowiththrottleup27
75.Fyrelyzards death listMarch Of The Maggots27
77.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(b)EdRulz26
78.In The GroundIn the Box Looking Up26
79.Rachel's List 1Rachel A26
80.Martha PearlDiane25
81.Destroyers 3USER0097723
83.Aiming for Asystole Again LDM 1USER01857110
84.Beer BitchBeer Sisters110
85.Dead Kennedys Cover BandTitanPilot583110
86.Death Don't Have No MercyUSER02569110
87.Do You Like Phil Collins?alan smithee110
88.EMF You are the bouncers I'm in the coolerEMFCoffin110
89.god told me some first110
90.Gol Durn Liberals and a few other idiotsDEEJ110
91.Wracked Buyin' OldsWracked110
92.Bagged and Taggedecho081619
93.Cartman- Happy Deathday To YouUSER0101319
94.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail19
95.SJJ HEYUSER0049219
96.Wun Hung Lo 01USER0153119
97.Wun Hung Lo 04USER0153119
98.Wun Hung Lo 12USER0153119
100.Gator HaterDEEJ18
101.Lizzy 3Lizzy18 Miller sings I'll Be Bones For Xmasvomit_god18're the Dead Kennedys&we approve this listvomit_god18
104.Wun Hung Lo 02USER0153118
106.DGD - Take Me AwayDGD17
107.Paul?s PyreUSER0242517
108.poor kittylindbergh17
109.Afraid of the dark? #1Minnesota Neil15
110.Death Wish, the SequelHellbound Anyway15
113.Paulapoo the Secondpaulapoo14
114.Destroyers 6USER0097713
115.Absinthe of Malice 09evilredhead12
116.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(d)EdRulz12
118.Pyre Fighterslilsqueakyone11
119.Soon B Gonn 3Edhead2211
120.ALT - Better Off Dead 1Angel of Death00
121.Better Red than DeadUSER0077400
122.Born To Rest EmBornToRestEm00
123.Cash from Cancer 5Cash From Cancer00
124.Come On I Wanna See Em In A Mausoliem(f)EdRulz00
125.Cryptkicker 1Cryptkickers Inc.00
126.Dead 10. Dead 10. Bingo!Starwanderer00
127.Dead as a Doornailshorty7ft00
128.Death By Pinocle 2008 2oregontrail00
129.Destroyers 5USER0097700
130.Dirt Blanket BluesPozzo00
131.Dirty Rotting ScoundrelsStarwanderer00
132.Doc & DJ--Bob Hope All-Stars (Die Already!)Doc & DJ00
133.Doc & DJ--Numbers GameDoc & DJ00
134.Dr. Death and the Chemical Al-Starsunit1300
135.Dr. Who - Big Bad BubbaUSER0014600
138.HAS BEENS 3USER0207600
139.JT01: Last Year's Top 10 SurvivorsTripper00
140.Just In CaseUSER0215900
141.La MuerteLaMuerte00
143.MortMort00 day bang! you get hiveslindbergh00
145.Pining for the FjordsPining for the Fjords00
146.Piston BrokeUSER0248800
147.RJ THurmont: Charlies Soon-to-be AngelsRJ Thurmont00
148.RJ Thurmont: Vote For DeathRJ Thurmont00
149.Six foot under Leagueshorty7ft00
150.Slab Grabbersshorty7ft00
151.The Scum That Ruined Your DaughterFrankie Pentangeli00
152.The shitty year pt.2 for the stiff in Phoenix 2USER0220400
154.Tsuga - A Dick With A GloveTsuga00 Departeesvomit_god00
156.What a Revolting Development 2Digger O Dell 1000
157.Wun Hung Lo 07USER0153100
158.Wun Hung Lo 08USER0153100


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