Henry Alfred Kissinger has been played on 1036 lists, including 110 lists in The 2020 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Kick The Bucket List 2Kick The Bucket List743
2.Kirk will live forevercarseycritter644
3.Star Trebekin Across Uhuraverseurbscholar641
4.Death By Pinocle 3oregontrail637
5.Dave\'s Dead Pool Dream #2Your Dead Pool Highness633
8.Dead and dustyDead Person Specialist, E537
10.Are We Dead Yet?DEADMOM1960535
11.Ghouls IncorporatedGhouls Incorporated535
12.Azabache 2020azabachenegro533
13.Deathlist Leftoverszombiebait533
14.McMurdo 2020.4McMurdoMan533
15.Death March 31BCeltics528
16.Of Corpse your Dead 4Shoeguy528
17.Smiling Memphis finally kicked it.Huckleberry528
18.Their Cold Dead Crawly FingersDead Person Specialist, E528
19.Another one bites the dustsplittertogo527
20.Mr Stiff's PicksMr. Stiffs527
21.DGD Back in BlackDGD526
22.Dead in the WaterBwildered525
23.Death by PoliticsJanisdoll524
24.Saints Preserve Us!Paul of St. Augustine433
25.Death Rattle and RollCheckingOut431
26.Coffin Rattler - The Hopefulcoffinrattler430
27.Older Than Dirt 2NVRGVUP430
28.Old Cold Bold DeadRastafarian Mormon428
29.What Lifestyle are you living....Huckleberry428
30.90 Is The New DeadDr Drunk427
31.Of Corpse your Dead 1Shoeguy427
32.Sand Mountain Death WatchWallbanger427
34.It's Time 2Toe Tagged Luminary426
35.Splendidly Deadsplendiddead426
36.Still Sucks to be OldElster000426
37.Bob Barker, Come On Down!!!Andrew Edling425
38.Dean Of The Dead 2020DeanOfTheDead425
39.Older Than Old,Deader Than DeadJohnny WhiteCloud425
40.Aardvark2Hugh G. Wrekshun424
42.Dust to DollarsDRave13424
43.CHICKEN AT TRESKY'S # 1Chicken at Tresky's422
44.My secondlaptoplg421
46.Ivy Cliff Chodag21378420
48.suicide blondeDie Celebrity Die418
49.60 Feet UnderDead and Loving It327
50.Lots o' old and sick bastards XIIBJCx78326
51.Meat PcCombsPEMCCO325
52.Byte The Big OneJamoke324
53.grimey reaper 2grimyreaper324
54.Tomb Raters 2020 ITomB rater 666323
55.Blooming Onions 2020Ranger275321
56.Dead FilesBwildered320
58.Down and DirtyDRave13319
59.Flock of Geezers 2020 Deuxkenthegreat319
60.Going to hell if they go to hell.gcotts319
61.grimey reaper 3grimyreaper319
62.Toe Tagger TooWallbanger319
63.Cold Dead Handsel bobbo318
64.Maloyo2020 - 2Maloyo2317318
65.Dead AheadBwildered317
66.Ig's dead guys IIIThe Ig317
67.Rocks and Headstones 2020Rocks and Headstones317
68.Dennis Death SquadDennis B315
69.Stiffs UpYoungFreund315
70.La Muerte Pay the FerrymanLaMuerte314
71.Saw The Light #1SAW THE LIGHT314
72.Silver Medalist in the Underground LugeMcPutt314
73.life is a warm short moment 3Reaper Crew311
74.Power and Moneythedeadmanshand38
75.MATTOID - Shut Up and Eat the PuddingThe Mattoid217
76.Ten funerals 2Jerrytopdown217
77.Well nobody died, did they? #3Archangel217
78.Beelzebruh- Another decade of deathunit13215
80.Death Pool Gambler 1Death pool gambler214
81.GottaGo - T1TeamTrautz1214
82.Mr. Blake's PoliticiansMr. Blake214
83.Dead RightBwildered213
86.Jims LeftoversBunn's Bones To Be212
87.The Dead Speak!Two Worlds212
88.The Viagra VandalsEllexxxx212
89.You mean they aren't dead?blaum1211
90.Team DeathWish 2020 (3)gfultz1210
91.2019 Delilah's Deathscemeterygates29
92.Soul Catcher - CT1TeamTrautz127
93.still out of 2020 hindsight jokesmirandate25
94.OK BOOMERrazorben23
95.Anarchy Prefers Gin to VodkaAnarchy and a biscuit110
96.JoeG12020Joe G110
97.The People Formerly Known As AliveDr Drunk110
98.Deathscore 1Deathscore19
99.JOJO'S LIST 2020Meo19
100.Politicos: Gotta Hate 'emRoquefort19
101.Die and Decrease the Surplus PopulationTwisted Freak18
103.Going, Going,...........Big Guy16
105.Old NewsFound Down14
107.Buh Bye 20 03TenPaces13
108.Le Royale with CheeseMardiRob12
109.Asti's second death listmsastria00
110.Dead LeadersThe Force is Deathening00


Guess the Stiff!

Looks like his loathing finally overcame his fear.

(d) February 20th, 2005