Mitch Miller has been played on 743 lists, including 135 lists in The 2010 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Dust to DollarsDRave13744
2.Birdman - He Can't Cheat On You In HeavenBird640
3.Birdman - We Will Miss You Ernie! A Class Act.Bird640
5.Salnbetts1Sal & Barb634
6.Dr. Steve 4Dr. Steve633
7.Dr. Who - Bunch of Old FartsDr. Who633
8.JT: Just a Bunch of Old FolksTripper633
9.LA LISTE DE MEO - 2010Meo633
10.You're OUTwsprotte633
11.Pookie's Stiffs #1Pookie's Stiffs632
13.Afraid of the Dark #3Minnesota Neil539
14.Ghost of Stiffs Past 2Ghost of Stiffs Past538
15.Birdman - Just One More Sheet! I Swear!Bird534
16.Birdman - Working On The Angel ReunionBird534
17.Justin Hale 07USER01531532
18.Baxley - I'm back... and bitter...Baxley531
19.Doc & DJ--Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends.Doc & DJ531
20.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Enough to Win BerleFTG531
21.Going for the MoldDoozy531
22.Cash From Cancer: Stiff and WoodenCash From Cancer530
24.Bugs and BonesUSER05927528
25.Plowing The Deephop1962528
26.Long live the deadDead Fred527
27.MK Oldies But GoodiesMBalmed527
28.Skunkhair # 3skunkhair527
29.95 and Die ClubJohnRandy526
30.Stiff Upper LipUSER05956526
32.Death Soup: Stand, It's M'LiverMJ and Friends525
33.Kid GhoulashGhoulash525
35.PUSHING UP DAISIES (1)02495525
37.FTG: Berle is a Gnat Fucking Tweezer DickFTG522
38.I'm a Dead Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!bridgy522
39.Under Sailing OrdersSAW THE LIGHT522
42.Absolut ZombiesJim430
43.Killer Advocatelaptoplg430
44.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail430
45.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Johnny Eagle EyeFTG429
46.The Game of LifeUSER02045429
47.all gomers die of somethinglindbergh428
48.AAAAAAAA Really, really, really old listBucket Kickers427
50.Destroyers 5Destroyers426
51.Notorious R.I.PRadler426
53.Cash From Cancer: I am Ruth's PancreasCash From Cancer425
54.dregsme first425
55.MK Final CurtainMBalmed425
56.Baxley - Run Zelda Run!!!Baxley424
58.Skunkhair # 1skunkhair424
61.Cash From Cancer: Miep, Miep, six feet deepCash From Cancer423
62.Cemetery Girls 3Cemetery Girls423
63.DGD - WrathDGD423
64.Exoendo Zuzubar ('09 Champs)exoendo zuzubar423
65.Ghoulash ReduxGhoulash423
66.A Grateful DeadheadJudysomething421
68.Destroyers 7Destroyers420
69.Dwyer's Zombie ListJim420
70.If You Pick Them - They Will Diebridgy420
71.Mary Tyler Morgue 1Shoeguy420
72.NVN: Arod's still an assholeNo Viagra Needed419
73.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail419
74.But Is It Art: NaNaNaNa-genariansBut Is It Art?418
75.Jon 1Jon00060417
76.Martha PearlDiane417
77.salnbetts2Sal & Barb417
78.nvrgvup -4NVRGVUP416
79.Donne in! Death Be Not Proudsplittertogo413
82.Dub's first listTheOriginalDub325
83.Check Please 03Hugh G. Wrekshun324
84.Ten Old Men and a DictatorDiamond Geezer324
85.The morgue the merrierStarwanderer324
86.connies boyme first323
87.pull the plugbuh-bye now323
88.The Maude Squad!twinpete323
89.Destroyers 2Destroyers322
90.Offal TruthUSER01797322
91.POTUS 9USER02464322
92.Death on the Installment PlanPozzo321
93.Dwyer's Death SquadJim321
94.Class of 90USER01832320
95.Gone TomorrowBuck320
96.But Is It Art: The ImmortalsBut Is It Art?319
97.Thanks, Pistol Pete!humanmeal319
98.AsystoleBen Dover318
99.Way Over The Hill GangMr. Blake318
100.Always Look on the Bright Side of Death1Angel of Death317
101.jnik's grab bag o'desperationUSER00353317
102.What's that Smell?What's that smell?317
103.I can't win if they don't interTitanPilot316
104.Circumstances Beyond Our controlttc4319315
106.Death March 21BCeltics314
107.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost314
108.The Uncle Tasteless Gallery of RoguesUncle Tasteless311
109.The Old LamplighterUSER02045219
110.Krem's ComebackKrem99218
111.IAGO 1IAGO217
112.My Other Ten Funerals 2010Jerrytopdown217
113.poor kittylindbergh217
115.Dirt Naps For Fun And Profit 2FrankJac215
116.IAGO 3IAGO214
117.We're Driving the Bus to Hell, Again 2USER02215214
118.Reap 'Em & Weep #1USER00557213
119.Stones Girl for 2010Stones Girl213
120.Will Chill 3equestzim7213
121.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail212
122.Tic Tag Toeroderner212
123.ReaperMadness #3ReaperMadness211
124.That is all folksDigger O Dell211
125.Off with their headsbuh-bye now210
126.Jon 3Jon0006029
127.And Then There Were None 5Digger O Dell26
129.Bugs and Bones 3USER0592723
130.deathbitch unbrideledPIANOGIRL110
132.Always Look on the Bright Side of Death2Angel of Death15
133.Killer Advocate IIlaptoplg13
134.CaliReaper's men for ignorant judgesCaliReaper11


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Not a very nice man.

(d) March 11th, 2006