Run Run Shaw has been played on 2043 lists, including 117 lists in The 2010 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Birdman - He Can't Cheat On You In HeavenBird640
2.Birdman - We Will Miss You Ernie! A Class Act.Bird640
3.Dr. Steve 1Dr. Steve635
4.Dr. Steve 3Dr. Steve634
5.Dr. Steve 4Dr. Steve633
6.LA LISTE DE MEO - 2010Meo633
7.Pookie's Stiffs #1Pookie's Stiffs632
8.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl631
9.Ghost of Stiffs Past 8Ghost of Stiffs Past537
10.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed536
11.Birdman - I Pray For Death EverydayBird535
12.Birdman-Til Death Do You PartBird535
13.Death ValleyBones McCoy534
14.Dr. Steve 6Dr. Steve533
15.Mary Worth Advises You to Commit SuicideRhody Trash533
16.Birdman - George Missed A World Series?Bird532
17.Dr. Steve 2Dr. Steve532
18.Baxley - Live midget LIVE!!!Baxley531
19.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Enough to Win BerleFTG531
20.Going for the MoldDoozy531
21.Justin Hale 08USER01531531
22.Cash From Cancer: Stiff and WoodenCash From Cancer530
23.MK Oldies But GoodiesMBalmed527
24.Stiff Upper LipUSER05956526
25.Death Soup: Stand, It's M'LiverMJ and Friends525
27.PUSHING UP DAISIES (1)02495525
29.Doc & DJ--That's a Bingo!Doc & DJ432
30.Dr. Steve 5Dr. Steve430
31.Pookie's Stiffs #2Pookie's Stiffs430
32.Blame the Governor of Rhode IslandRhody Trash429
33.Nothing Lasts ForeverBridgcorp427
34.And Then There Were None 1Digger O Dell426
35.And Then There Were None 1Digger O Dell426
36.Death Valley IIBones McCoy426
37.MK MBalmedMBalmed426
39.Stiphan HawkingUSER05956426
41.Radtex: His and HearseRadtex425
42.Baxley - Run Zelda Run!!!Baxley424
43.Cash From Cancer: Miep, Miep, six feet deepCash From Cancer423
44.One more reason I'm going to hellThink 2wice423
45.Like fine winemoribundus422
46.There Is No LeadDePressED422
47.nvrgvup -4NVRGVUP416
48.Trout's Dead Fish 1Trout415
49.Birdman - $3,000 Buys Alot Of Entries!Bird327
50.Birdman - I Always Liked Eva Better AnywayBird327
51.Loki 2Loki325
52.Team Formalin II: You ain't gettin' out alive, Biggsy!anarchess324
53.The morgue the merrierStarwanderer324
54.Team Formalin: Say It With Dead Flowersanarchess323
55.Death March 31BCeltics321
56.Cash From Cancer: Miep Gies? Miep Dies!Cash From Cancer320
57.Class of 90USER01832320
58.NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!Gryphon320
59.Cartman-Gee That's a Swell Urn Mrs CleaverCARTMAN319
60.Pinin' for the FjordsPining for the Fjords319
61.Death March1BCeltics318
62.The Amazing KreskinUSER02428318
63.Worm Foodnursebecky318
64.Barzini Is Dead. So Is TattalligiaFrankie Pentangeli317
65.Radtex: Tumor Makes a Does-InRadtex317
66.yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye317
67.yeah yeah buh byeyeah yeah buh bye316
68.FTG: Under the Sands of Iwo JimaFTG313
69.Tomtsled-10 New Tombstones 2Tomtsled313
70.Run Run of Bad Luck LuckUSER00750310
71.Jeff's Listnursebecky219
72.MrJeff\'s Death of the Partymrjeff2000219
73.A tisket, A tasket, lets fill up a casket 1ttc4319218
74.DGD - greedDGD218
75.Cancerous FossilsTaugh217
76.yeah yeah buh bye 6yeah yeah buh bye217
77.GA. BULLDAWG FANThe rebel.216
81.Soon B. Gonn 2Edhead22215
82.19-0 Perfect New Orleans SaintsUSER02609214
83.Death Rattle: Bright, Shiny Facesanarchess214
84.Death Valley IIIBones McCoy214
85.H.R. PufnstiffUSER05956214
87.We're Drivin' the Bus to Hell, Again 1USER0221529
89.Stiffi GrafUSER0595628
90.White Punks on HopeUSER0075028
91.Hope he fails tommorowchakakhanoz27
92.Trout's Dead Fish 2Trout27
93.JP's Death ListUSER0580725
95.Becky's Listnursebecky110
96.Dirty Rotting ScoundrelsStarwanderer110
97.Filthy Fucking Whoresfilthy whore110
98.yeah yeah buh bye 4yeah yeah buh bye110
99.AAAAAAAAnother really, really, really old listBucket Kickers19
100.George StiffanopoulosUSER0595618
101.Radtex: I Hearse You Been CoffinRadtex16
102.All My Friends Are DeadDiamondToothGertie15
103.CaliReaper says time to go.CaliReaper15
104.Do Run Run RunUSER0075015
105.Roger GowiththrottleupRoger Gowiththrottleup15
106.Buck & MishBuck14
107.Just DiedDRave1312
108.No Country For Old MenBiff Thanatos12
109.CaliReaper's men for ignorant judgesCaliReaper11
110.Chicken at Tresky's1Chicken at Tresky's11
111.100% Deadchakakhanoz00
112.Glen Beck's Empty SackUSER0216500
114.Ooh, He Sculled That OneUSER0075000
115.Susie's DeadmeatsSusie Sicko00
116.Trout's Dead Fish 3Trout00
117.Way Below ParUSER0075000


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