Newest Stiffs:

  • Gene Wilder

    Gene Wilder · 83

    June 11th, 1933 — August 29th, 2016

    Got his golden ticket punched.

  • Steven Hill

    Steven Hill · 94

    February 24th, 1922 — August 23rd, 2016

    Going down, Hill.

  • John McLaughlin

    John McLaughlin · 89

    March 29th, 1927 — August 16th, 2016

    He made a living by yelling at people and being a know-it-all on TV for 34 years. An American hero, when you think about it.

  • Fyvush Finkel

    Fyvush Finkel · 93

    October 9th, 1922 — August 14th, 2016

    His name in yiddish was "פֿײַוויש פֿינקעל", which loosely translated means "Rat Face".

  • Glenn Yarbrough

    Glenn Yarbrough · 86

    January 12th, 1930 — August 11th, 2016

    From limelighter to no-lighter.

Today's Celebrity Birthdays:

  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson

    would have been 58 today
    August 29th, 1958 — June 25th, 2009

    He touched so many...

  • James Brady

    James Brady

    would have been 76 today
    August 29th, 1940 — August 4th, 2014

    So maybe a 21-gun salute would be inappropriate here ...

  • William Friedkin

    William Friedkin · 81

    (b) August 29th, 1935

  • Charles Gray

    Charles Gray

    would have been 88 today
    August 29th, 1928 — March 7th, 2000

    Here's your friggin' time warp, Professor.

  • Richard Attenborough

    Richard Attenborough

    would have been 93 today
    August 29th, 1923 — August 24th, 2014

    Great funeral. Spared no expense.

  • Mr. Blackwell

    Mr. Blackwell

    would have been 94 today
    August 29th, 1922 — October 19th, 2008

    Richie is now wearing a boxy, pine number that no self-respecting designer would be caught dead in.

  • Isabel Sanford

    Isabel Sanford

    would have been 99 today
    August 29th, 1917 — July 12th, 2004

    She's a-movin' on in (movin' on in) to the hillside ....

  • Marie-Louise Meilleur

    Marie-Louise Meilleur

    would have been 136 today
    August 29, 1880 — April 16th, 1998

    Though she didn't quite make it to 118, she is survived by 4 of her 10 children, 85 grandchildren, 80 great-grandchildren, and 57 great-great-grandchildren. What a slut!

Today's Celebrity Deaths:

  • Gene Wilder

    Gene Wilder · 83

    died 0 years ago today
    June 11th, 1933 — August 29th, 2016

    Got his golden ticket punched.

  • Wayne Dyer

    Wayne Dyer · 75

    died 1 year ago today
    May 10th, 1940 — August 29th, 2015

    Looking for a funny obit? Help yourself.

  • Richard Jewell

    Richard Jewell · 44

    died 9 years ago today
    December 17th, 1962 — August 29th, 2007

    He was living proof of the old saying, "No good deed goes unpunished."

    Now, he's not even that.

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