Maurice Richard has been played on 514 lists, including 149 lists in The 2000 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.NY Football GiantsUSER00632633
3.DNR/DNI 1USER02751535
4.The CHOSENUSER00750535
5.Yooper Quincy 2USER00461533
6.Nurseboy's Big CUSER00965531
7.Yooper Quincy 1USER00461523
8.Nurseboy 2USER00965432
9.Reflected GloryUSER02776432
10.Nurseboy 3USER00965431
11.DNR/DNI 2USER02751429
12.Nurseboy 1Nurseboy426
13.Tape Dispenser 2USER00965424
14.Near Death ExperienceUSER00673423
15.Reaper's minionUSER00979423
16.Fucko's BrainUSER00965420
17.T. Switala 6USER00965416
18.Tape Dispenser 4USER00965416
19.Mulch Monkey 2: The All-Sports ListUSER00965327
20.Pope 11USER00965327
21.DNR/DNI 3USER02751326
22.Pope 04USER00965326
23.The Water's Fine 1USER00621325
24.Ghoul Girl 1Ghoul Girl324
25.Pope 02USER00965324
26.Ghoul Girl 2Ghoul Girl323
27.Pope 01USER00108323
28.Pope 06USER00965323
29.The Water's Fine 3USER00965323
31.Doktor Robert 3USER00965322
32.Elvis Has Left The ToiletUSER00989322
33.Mafia Actuary 1USER01375322
34.John WeickUSER00547321
35.Pope 12USER00965321
36.STATUS PROS 1USER00245321
37.Jim's Party MoneyJim320
38.Mafia Actuary 2USER01375320
39.Mulch Monkey 1USER00309320
40.Wolfman RatUSER00492320
41.Coffin CoronerRigga More-Dis319
42.Fun at the Expense of Others 3USER00965319
43.Mafia Actuary 3USER00965319
44.Pope 08USER00965319
45.PVT. RYAN 2000002319
46.Assuming Room TemperatureUSER02790318
47.Disco SuperflatulentUSER00854318
48.JMC HEARSE 2USER00965318
49.Oakland AthleticsUSER00845318
50.The Final SolutionUSER00673318
51.1 point for Myra H.USER00884317
52.Fun at the Expense of Others 1USER01003317
53.Fun at the Expense of Others 2USER00965317
54.One Foot in the Grave...The other on a Banana peel000002317
55.Blackadder 2000002316
56.Du Lac 1USER01009316
57.Obit 1USER00059316
59.'He's Dead, Jim'USER02790315
60.gravediggers 2USER00452315
61.Rick The Bastard 1USER00425315
62.dave navarro's third nippleUSER02718313
63.Pope 05USER00965313
64.Pepster 3USER00965312
65.Obit 6USER03916311
66.Tom's A-ListUSER0101336
67.Dirtnap FeverUSER00847219
68.Pope 03USER00965219
69.Pope 13USER00965219
70.port credit pallbearerUSER00744219
71.Andre, the King of pop 2USER00965218
72.Doktor Robert 1USER00489217
73.Get Over It 3USER00965217
74.Going Going Ghandi 2USER00389217
75.Letter Opener of Death 2ed head217
76.Letter Opener of Death 1ed head216
77.Obit 3USER00059216
78.Friends of Dorothy 2USER00965215
79.rmc4th 2USER00562215
80.kasey 2USER00308214
81.MaggieMae 3USER00965214
82.Pope 10USER00965214
83.Buck 2Buck213
84.Going Going Ghandi 3USER00965213
85.Good GriefUSER00857213
86.Letter Opener of Death 3USER00965213
87.Letter Opener of Death 4ed head213
88.Loki 3USER00965213
89.Quick Get A ShovelUSER00817213
90.coffin dancerUSER00297212
92.Let's Hear It For Shawn Walters 3USER00965212
93.Pandas Are People TooUSER01561212
94.Unit C Grave FillersJim212
95.Head (VJ)USER00362211
98.Cuervo D.O.A. 1USER00620210
99.Bart and D.J. 2Doc & DJ29
100.H.R. Puffnstiff 2000USER0076229
101.Legion Of Doom 2000 3USER0096529
102.Paulie WalnutsRJ Thurmont29
104.Yooper Quincy 3USER0096529
105.Belly - Up !!!!!!!!00000228
106.Charlie Don't Surf 1Charlie Dont Surf28
107.Dick Gozinya 2USER0086628
109.Cuervo D.O.A. 3USER0096527
110.GG Doom Patrol 1USER0100427
111.Indoor PlumbingUSER0095127
112.Legion Of Doom 2000 1USER0049727
113.MaggieMae 1USER0056027
114.Wombat 3USER0096527
115.Buck 3USER0096526
116.Blackadder 1USER0267925
117.Bart and D.J. 5Doc & DJ110
118.BRUNO 2USER00421110
120.Tank Gatesbrianp88110
121.MaggieMae 2USER0096519
122.rmc4th 3USER0096519
124.Safdar BadamiUSER0091219
125.timmydestructo 1USER0084619
126.BRUNO 3USER0096518
127.Die2K 2USER0069718
128.Dr. Paul Shipherd 6USER0096518
129.Grim Rapper 3USER0096518
131.BRUNO 1USER0042117
132.Lucky Linda 1USER0029217
133.timmydestructo 2USER0084617
134.timmydestructo 3USER0096517
137.Lucky Linda 2USER0029216
138.Nickedemous 1USER0101616
139.'Have a nice die!'USER0086415
140.B. MoneyUSER0091115
141.Dr. Ziggy ER StatUSER0089315
142.Et Tu Kevork 3USER0096515
143.Tsuga TerrificaUSER0003915
145.Mr. SucktoadUSER0090214
146.I'll Be Grateful When They're Dead 2USER0005813
147.Stimpy 3USER0096513
148.Tom's B-ListUSER0096512
149.Tlhe Dirt Napsshorty7ft11


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Aside from being an icon of the Civil Rights movement, she's also the only person on this page who was not, at one time or another, romantically linked to Shelley Winters.

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