Run Run Shaw has been played on 2043 lists, including 41 lists in The February 2013 Lee Jr..

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1.Birdman 2Bird433
2.Birdman - Now I'm A BereaverBird432
3.Birdman - The fontaine of UnyouthBird427
4.Tommytsled-The Turncoat Andrew CuomoTomtsled426
5.Gary Carter, Thanks for the CashGhost of Stiffs Past421
6.a Zimmer of hopeBird418
8.Birdman doneBird324
10.Birdman - Here KITTY KITTYBird323
11.Birdman - Its a TrappBird323
12.Birdman 6Bird323
13.oh mickey you're so fineBird323
15.You're Due, Run Run Run! You're Due, Run Run!USER00353322
16.Doc & DJ--Milly del Rubio Memorial ListDoc & DJ321
17.Fade to Black 2Fade to Black320
18.From the grave-l to the graveduggie2dope320
19.Fade to Black 3Fade to Black319
21.Ultraman Death Squad1BCeltics313
22.Feasting Maggots 8Feasting Maggots219
23.Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots218
24.birdman 7Bird217
26.Birdman 3Bird214
27.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Counter EspionageFTG214
28.Return of the Dead GuysGregDean214
29.Chevy Van CliburnBird213
30.Andy Williams, Thanks for the CashGhost of Stiffs Past212
31.Jack Klugman, Thanks for the CashGhost of Stiffs Past212
32.Egg SaladDr.Slime210
33.Something To Do With Corpses, Jr. 3Shams210
34.You're Due, Run Run Run!USER00353210
35.Soon to Be Ex-Parrotsmommarina110
36.Bob Dole is on this list!Dinobob19
37.Edible AutopsyRedsix118
38.Something To Do With Corpses, Jr. 2Shams18
39.Gary Gilmore's Firing SquadJKav5811


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Stiller than a bowl of fruit ....
More stationary than a granite statue ....
Able to sit in tall buildings without making a single sound ....

(d) October 10th, 2004